About Charles Anthony Solorio


Charles Anthony Solorio grew up marveling at his parents and relatives weaving stories into the late night. He once won a reading contest after he read 100 books in the second grade. Story consumed him, and within a few years he wrote his own “books” using nothing but a pencil, paper, and staples.

At age seven, Charlie’s Marine Ranger cousin was killed in combat fighting against a despot. His death and funeral rooted deep in Charlie’s soul. He did not know how to understand or process the pain and injury that devastated his family and the fear and anxiety of death that secretly gripped his heart. An unreliable narrator stealthily whispered that Charlie was going to soon die in a future war.

Physical Therapy called him to fight the despot of pain and to assist others to confront and overcome their physical injuries and the often related depression, anxiety, and fear of permanent loss. He has helped thousands restore their function for over thirty-five years.

He recently returned to his love of story. He started writing the New Seed series, along with his nonfiction writings, to help process and navigate our Story in these difficult days.

Charlie believes we have been both injured by others and inflicted injuries upon ourselves and others, in the cross fire of our cultural war between two stories with two authors and two narrators.

Charlie is confident that just as a physical therapist can help physically rehabilitate people by confronting and overcoming pain with healthy movement and exercising a new mentality and narrator of hope, he desires to wildly entertain and play a role in our cultural spiritual rehabilitation through writings pointing to healthy movement toward a reliable Narrator and Author.

There is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

We are all too familiar with our cultural story restricting freedom of movement.

Raise up the other Story.

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