Underneath the surface of what we can and cannot see, something is moving.

It is twisting.

It is groaning.

With all hope today seemingly cut down, a seed implanted within each of us long ago continues to call amid the quiet and chaos.

There are two main point-of-view stories in life. One is the story we have been told. And in direct confrontation, there is the other Story.

Within the hidden epic Story, I want to share with you both a nonfiction view (my blog) and a fictional view to illustrate a historical truth in The New Seed series.

New pages of adventure, different from the dead narrative we have been told, are assembling in preparation.

I am only a single author writing a single word within the grand, gritty, and elegant epic true tale.

Come with me, and step out of the smaller story and into the pages of the other Story—bigger than our own.

New Seed and Hard Ground

A Novella

The hunting of humans has been hidden through all of history in plain sight. A prisoner from the near future, awaiting his murder, is warning us and giving us hope of a Story.

It is the year 1605.

In Africa, Chinasa hears voices crying out in a recurring nightmare. She believes her son is destined for great things, and her only desire is to protect him for the sake of freedom for her people. In England, Eleanor hears voices crying out in the same nightmare. She’d been planning for the birth of a future son her entire life. But something happened nineteen years ago. Voices crying out in the same nightmare torment King James. His only desire as God on earth is shepherding his people to safety away from the religious wolves. But something dark is roaming the land and hunting them all.

#1 in the Story

New Seed and Hard Ground is the beginning of an epic story that reveals a thread of the stories of the hunted within the beautiful fabric of a larger story through all history. Evil is roaming the land. Families and nations hang in the balance. The hardened heart soil of many live in fear.

Where is God? Who will answer all the crying voices?

Can a new seed grow in hard ground?

About the Author

Growing up, I sat in wonder into the late nights listening to my parents and aunts and uncles. I marveled at their glorious tales.

I grew up with a love for books and devoured whatever I could read. I sometimes wrote my own “books,” where I impressed no one but myself with my prodigious prose (I had to look up prodigious—did you?).

I was going to be an author.

But as I grew older, my love turned to sports. I lived the adventures of my Orioles, Lakers, and Rams. I was going to be a sports superstar one day.

Sports led me to learning about injuries. To this day, as a physical therapist, I still love to hear each patient’s story.

 I enjoy discovering with my patients the big reveal of what is causing their pain and working together to create our own plot twist to enable a climactic and healthy resolution.

Working with people in pain, and living with and witnessing the pain of this life, I have experienced both hope and life cut down.

But I have also seen both hope and life restored.

I returned to my former love of reading and writing and now desire to write fictional and nonfictional stories that point to what is often buried and not told.

I want to share my journey as a writer living in the other Story.

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"An engaging first novel"

“The darkness of the villains and the fear experienced by the protagonists parallels what many of us fear is happening in today’s American society. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds in this dark world in the next book!”  – Jenny Erdmann, Amazon review

“The author really draws you into this interesting novella, with its vivid characters and the mystery surrounding its interconnected stories and faith. It leaves you wanting to know more.” – Amazon review

The New Seed Series

A Novella

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#1 in the Story