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The Other Story That Millions Have Died For

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Chapter 3

(Please read Chapters 1—2 for context.)

Reading time: 7 minutes

I love plot twists. 

Do you remember when the time-traveling homeless man from Albuquerque woke up in a San Francisco public restroom in the middle of the Broadway play Hamilton and witnessed, to his horror, George Washington shooting Alexander Hamilton? Do you remember your surprise when you saw the hardworking sweaty landscaper from Tucson save Tony Stark’s life at the end of Avengers: Endgame—in August? And if none of those plot twists surprised you, I know you were surprised when you found out at the end of the latest Star Wars movie that Adolf Hitler had invented a time machine and was really Darth Vader, who had given birth to Elvis Presley’s grandson who would one day rise as the evil babysitter in the next movie.

You didn’t see any of those plot twists?

They never happened because the creators of each of those movies did not create those plot twists in their stories. My made-up plot twists did not occur, as that was not what each creator, author, intended. 

In the last few chapters, we talked about the story we have been told and our default POV.

Looking at the vast majority of what our educational system and the media present to us—you wouldn’t even know there was another story challenging the mainstream narrative of today. 

Our schools can’t and do not teach it. Hollywood and the media, in general, ignore it. You probably won’t hear about it in any top-forty pop songs on the radio. We see a pattern of fewer and fewer politicians appealing to it. Many college professors can’t or don’t give it a fair hearing compared to the automatic default story we have been told. 

But millions have died for the other story. 

The powerful resist it. 

The weak seek it. 

And the powerful fear the weak. 

Because more people have died or been oppressed and persecuted because of this other story than any other—that is the story I want to know about. 

Despite all attempts of varying degrees of censorship by powerful influencers in the media and politics, there is another story. 

You can feel it.

You know we are not getting the whole truth.

What is the other story?

Its very first sentence sets the stage. Even when considering the most famous writers ever known, such as Shakespeare, Hemingway, Faulkner, Orwell, Salinger, Rand, and Woolf, the first sentence in the other story carries more weight and ramifications than any sentence they ever wrote. 

I will go on record stating that the first sentence is the most important sentence ever recorded. 

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Martin Berrios Unsplash

Do you remember the main default premise we have been told, mentioned in chapter 2? There is no Creator God, and therefore we are not children of God. The POV we have been told is any other POV and story other than God’s.

What is the main premise of the other story that contrasts what we have been told? Here it is: There is a God, and you are His offspring. It is God’s POV and Story above all others. 

Did you catch the main POV stated in the first sentence of the other Story? It foreshadows every other sentence after that. 

More have been killed and oppressed because they believed in the Bible than any other set of beliefs. Combining those of Jewish heritage and Christians as one group throughout history, is there any other group that has had more people murdered for their beliefs? Through his research, journalist and author Antonio Socci estimated that with Christians alone in the 20th century by itself, 45 million people were murdered for their beliefs. 

Do we not see the same pattern today? Think of the countries with the least amount of freedom. How welcome is the Bible in China, North Korea, Iran, parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries? Would you be willing to die for smuggling, distributing, and proclaiming the Epic in the Bible in these countries?

Would your life be in danger if you parroted a POV convenient to those in power in those same countries hostile to the God of the Bible’s POV? 

Christians in name only, and non-Christians doing evil things in the name of Christianity, have not helped. 

Yet what sets the other Story apart is the number of those oppressed and persecuted who willingly die for proclaiming the other Author. 

I want to know the living saga that authoritarian governments fear. 

I want to know the other Story, where those who are oppressed, victims of racism and slavery, cling to and proclaim it until painful deaths.

There was a time I believed that I was safe living in the United States and practicing freedom of religion. But if the historical pattern continues, there will be more persecution of Christians and those of Jewish heritage. At some point, influencers will blame and then justify their persecution. 

It is coming, because the bearers of the other Story are a direct threat and obstacle to the bearers of the story we have been told. 

Though this blog is for those who question what they have been told, do you really want to know the Author’s Story? The answer will affect how you view the powerful. Yourself. Others. You would be a threat.

Judging by all those who died for you to know the Story, it would be far safer to continue eating what you have been fed all your life. 

What will you choose?

And why do the powerful oppose the other Story? 

They oppose it because the POV bleeds and rises through every word and confronts those who desire power and control. 

There are 66 books in the Bible, told through many diverse POVs, but all express the same message through the perspective of one primary POV above all others. It explicitly states truth, and true life occurs primarily through God’s POV moving through our smaller and individual POVs. We each play vital roles with a great freedom, but He is the Creator and Author. It is His Story. It is His POV above all others in His Story.

We live in His Story.

Not mine.

Not yours.

Not any professor’s.

Not any politician proclaiming the story we have been told for their power and control.

Not any celebrity proclaiming the Hollywood POV for their profit.

God’s POV threatens everything we believe and have built against Him.

If we only view life through our own POV, or someone other than God’s, then we will miss the Story. We will fail Life 101. We will miss our reason for life, purpose, and the meaning of life itself. We will miss the Father who seeks us and has not given up on finding us. 

Any other POV is not the Author’s intent.

The Protagonist tells us of a great hope and victory amid a season of life with a horrific antagonist. 

Sometimes bad news prepares us to receive the good news. 

The antagonist is worse than any other antagonist ever written about in any other story. He is committing horrifying evil hidden in plain sight.

We need to see what that evil is and who is committing it to get a fuller understanding of who the Protagonist is.

There are plot twists never imagined in the remaining chapters. 

Are you in?

We’ll talk more next time. 

Raise up the other Story,

Charles Anthony Solorio

The Author’s POV in the other Story changes the trajectory of your story.

top photo credit Andrey Svistuno, Unsplash


A writer’s journey has the mundane, setbacks, and adventures not unlike other aspects of life. It is my hope that sharing nonfiction and fiction ideas with you will challenge what we have been told. Despite my flaws and weaknesses, I pray I can point to the Author with an honor that I am not capable of. These writings are part of my story.

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